New Year Funny wishes Messages

Start the year new

Let this New Year be the one: Where all your dreams come true; With joy, may you start this year anew. Wishing you a

Let’s give a warm welcome

Let’s give a warm welcome to the year that starts anew; cherish each moment that the year shall behold. Let’s come together and celebrate

2015 getting over

?2015 is getting over! So here’s a game for you: If U hate me, delete me. If U think I’m nice, like my status.

Who are enjoying it

Life is best for those who are enjoying it; Difficult for those who are always analyzing it; And worst for those who are criticizing

As we are moving towards

As we are moving towards the end of a great year, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

God Stich some beautiful people

Before this year comes to close, I would like to thank God for stitching some beautiful people like you into the fabric of my

Our conversation and communication

Our conversations and communication might have lessened due to unending daily chores; You might be out of sight for really long period of times;

May the new year gives you

May the New Year give you N: New Hopes with an E: Early Start to W: Work Y: Yielding E: Enormous A: Assets and

Friends as solid as diamonts

Troubles as light as Air; Love as deep as Ocean; Friends as solid as Diamonds; And Success as bright as Gold. These are wishes

Calender of love

Calendar of Love: January = Rose February = Propose March = Gift April = Lift May = Chat June = Date July = Miss

Never be another you

Another day, another month, another year. Another smile, another tear, another winter and a summer, too. But there will never be another you! May

To seek the path of righteousness

Dear God, With the dawn of New Year, I realise that my destiny is solely the result of my actions. I hereby, thank you

Fabulous new year

Thanks to those: Who hated me, they made me a stronger person; Who loved me, they made my heart bigger; Who were worried about

May the dawn of this new year

May the dawn of this New Year: Fill your heart with new hopes; Opens up new horizons; And bring for you promises of brighter

May the 12 hours of AM

May the 12 hours of AM; The 12 hours of PM; And the 12 months of the New Year be filled with love, peace,

You might be a litle bit older

You might be a little bit older; A little bit wiser; A little bit rounder; But still none the wiser. Hope this New Year

Only one things old

New Day New Month New Hopes New Resolutions New Aspirations And New Year But there is only one thing old – that’s you. Happy

Every day brings with it new hopes

Every day brings with it new hopes, new aspirations and new energy. However, a person can lose hope at times. For this reason, God

Few things I wish for you

Inner peace Sound health Increased income Eternal Happiness Good social status Cordial family life A lot of foreign travel These are a few things

God has already planned all our tomorrows

Everything about the future is uncertain; But one thing is for sure that GOD has already planned all our tomorrows; We just have to

Little Keys open big locks

Little keys open big locks; Simple words reflect great thoughts; Your smile can cure heart blocks; So keep on smiling, it rocks. Happy New

Gear up for new challenges

New Year is the time: To unfold new horizons and realize new dreams; To rediscover the strength and faith within you; To rejoice in

Here’s a wish that your life is

Here’s a wish that your life is: Filled with all the beautiful fragrances; Illuminated with all the lights of the world; Blessed by all

Happier and wholesome

Life is not about the number of years in it: It’s all about the memorable moments in it. May your New Year be full

May you change our direction

On this New Year: May you change your Direction and not the Dates; Change your Commitments and not the Calendar; Change your Attitude and